The Three Horseshoes

Weekly Fish Specials

We proudly present a unique fish dish each week, sourced sustainably from British waters.

Starters to Share and Savour

Our appetisers range from a delightful sharing meze to freshly prepared calamari and king prawn saganaki.

Seasonal & Sustainable

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to bring you seasonal produce at its peak of flavour and sustainability.

Our Menu (Wednesday to Sunday)

We work with our suppliers for seasonal products when they are at their tastiest and most sustainable. Please contact us for further details.

Three Horseshoes, Stapleford 
Tel: 01223 503 402 

Drink Accompaniments

Marinated 'Colosso' Green Olives from Greece (VG)


Pitta bread with extra virgin olive oil & rock salt (VG)


Smoked cured pork (hiromeri) & hard sheep's cheese (kefalotiri) (GF)



Houmous & Pitta Bread (VG/GFO) £6.50


Greek Dip Selection

Taramasalata, houmous, tzatziki served with pitta bread


Chargrilled Halloumi & Fig Jam (GF/V)


Imam Bayildi (GF/VG)

Chargrilled & roasted aubergine, topped with a rich tomato & onion sauce


Mushroom 'Calamari' (GF/VG)

Sliced oyster mushrooms, lightly coated & fried served with a tarragon mayo


Greek Sausage Selection (GF)


Chargrilled pork sausage & a spiced beef sausage served with tzatziki

Chargrilled Octopus (GF) (when available)


Served with a tomato & caper salsa

Whole King Prawns (GF)


Served shell on with garlic butter

Calamari (GF)


Lightly coated & fried, served with a garlic & lemon mayonnaise

Fish Croquettes (GF)

White fish, risotto rice & herbs, coated in breadcrumbs and served with a harissa dip


King Prawn Saganaki (GFO)

King prawns cooked in a tomato, ouzo & feta sauce with a hint of chilli and warm pitta bread


Starter Sharing Meze - Selection of salads & dips served with pitta bread

Selection of salads & dips served with pitta bread.

Houmous, tzatziki, melitzanosalata (roasted aubergine dip), garlic beetroot, minted broadbeans, giant butter beans in a tomato and herb sauce, marinated olives and marinated courgettes.



Greek Salad (V/GF)

Served with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, green peppers, black olives, coriander and topped with feta cheese


Potato & Spring Onion (VG/GF)

New potatoes, spring onion, capers & parsley. With a lemon & olive oil dressing


Pearl Couscous & Courgette (V)

Chargrilled courgette, onions, cherry tomatoes, feta and a mint dressing



Gourmet Skin on Fries (GF/VG)


Feta & Oregano Fries (GF/V)


'Shaken Potatoes' (GF/VG)

New potatoes, roasted in red wine & coriander seeds


Extra Pitta Bread (1)


Gluten Pitta Pitta (1)


From the Grill - Locally sourced

Aged Steak - Please ask for our cut of the week

Served with mushroom, tomatoes & fries

Mixed Grill Platter for 1 (GFO)

Chicken skewer, sheftalia, lamb cutlet & spiced beef sausage. Fries, Greek salad, tzatziki and pitta bread


Tomahawk Pork Chop (Brizola) (GF)


Served with a Greek salad & fries or ‘shaken potatoes’ and mustard

Lamb Cutlets (GF)

Served with ‘shaken potatoes’, Greek salad, tzatziki

£ 21.50

Chicken Souvlaki (GFO)

Skewers of chicken thigh, fries, fennel slaw, pitta bread and tzatziki


Sheftalia - traditional Cypriot pork sausage

Pork, onion & parsley sausages with fries, Greek salad, pitta bread and tzatziki


From the Sea - Sustainably fished

Seafood Platter for 1 (GFO)

Calamari, king prawn, fish croquettes & red mullet fillets. Served with fries, Greek salad and a lemon & garlic mayonnaise


Swordfish Souvlaki (GFO)

Skewers of swordfish, chargrilled and served with a fennel slaw, fries, pitta bread and lemon & garlic mayonnaise


King Prawn Saganaki

King prawns cooked in a tomato, ouzo & feta sauce with a hint of chilli and orzo pasta. Served with a rocket salad


Calamari (GF)

Lightly coated & fried. Served with a Greek salad, fries and lemon & garlic mayonnaise


Whole King Prawns (GF)

Served shell on with a Greek salad, fries and garlic butter


From the 'Forno' - Slow cooked in the oven for a hearty flavour

Moussaka (GF)

Lamb ragu, aubergine & potatoes, in a herb & tomato sauce and topped with creamy bechamel sauce. Served with Greek salad & garlic pitta



Slow cooked beef shin in a rich tomato, red wine sauce with orzo pasta and kefalotiri cheese. Served with Greek salad.


From the Garden - The best of our vegetarian & vegan dishes

Halloumi Souvlaki (V/GFO)

Served with fennel slaw, fries, pitta bread & tzatziki


Mushroom 'calamari' (V/GFO)

Served with Greek salad, fries & tarragon mayo


Vegan Moussaka (VG/GFO)

Slow cooked soya ragu, aubergine & potatoes, in a herb & tomato sauce and topped with bechamel sauce. Served with village salad & garlic pitta


Spanakopita (V)

Spinach & feta pie, served with a Greek salad, ‘shaken potatoes’ and tzatziki


Stuffed Pepper & Tomato (V/GFO/VGO)

Oven roasted and filled with lentils & topped with feta. Served with a village salad, houmous and pitta bread


For the Little People - Smaller portions for children under 12 yrs old

Chicken Souvlaki (GFO) or Halloumi (V/GFO)

A skewer of chicken thigh or halloumi pieces served with fries, pitta bread and cucumber batons


Tomato Pasta (V/VGO)

Tomato sauce with orzo pasta and cheese


Greek Pizza (V/VGO)

Tomato sauce on pitta bread with cheese & baked in the oven


Please ask us for children's options
We can adjust some menu items to be VEGAN - please speak to a member of the team
V= Vegetarian, VG= Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, GFO = Gluten Free Option
Please speak to a member of the team if you have any allergies so we may assist you

Our wines are selected in partnership with Noel Young & Cambridge Wine Merchants. We also have a great selection of digestives, including single malts, cognac, calvados and port